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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Our Little Sweetie

Sofia has had many visitors in the last week. Aunt Pickles (aka Kristen, Meg's sister) was here for a short weekend for her first visit with her neice. She left Sunday morning and Grandpa David and Grandma Mary came on Saturday morning. The six of us has a great visit and then Aunt Lindsey came Monday morning. Sofia has loved the the snuggles and kisses from her loving family. Tomorrow she has an orange outfit with a turkey on it that has the writing "Hot Stuff". The orange outfit will be great for cheering on our Denver Broncos on Thanksgiving Night! Hope you all have a great Holiday! Meg takes such great pictures, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

6:05 pm
We hurried through our supper to get on-line for the new pictures.
Thanks for the call.

She really is a sweetie........with big blue eyes.
Looks so awake now.

Can hardly wait for the nexr month to pass and we can hug her.


Mom and Brian said...

She's a grown-up already! What a little two are doing a great job of parenting already. Love to you all,
Debbie and Brian