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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Something For Everyone

The world of blogger has opened my eyes to the realization that there truly is something for everyone on the web. While hopping from blog to blog last night, I found just about the funniest website I have ever seen. It is called Yes, you read that right - stuff on my This website consists solely of pictures people have sent in with random items put onto their cats. Any person who has ever owned a cat can completely identify with the hilarity of these photos. I mean, seriously, who HASN'T dressed their cat up in something stupid? We will definitely be doing something with Jack to submit...don't you worry! Definitely check it out! I put some of the pictures from the website below for your enjoyment.

In other news, we are getting a surprise, last minute for the weekend from Chris's best friend, Penni. We are SO excited he is coming! I'm sure that the weekend will be full of events to chat about - including another trip to the Broncos game (Chris got free tickets for the two of them!). Anyway, should be a good time.

More soon.

Henry's Been Kidnapped

Can you guess what movie this is?
Ans: American Beauty

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