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Monday, August 20, 2007

Back To School Quote of the Year

Today I wore the dress pictured above for my first day back at school...

Student 1: Whoa! I just got dizzy when you walked by!
Me: Watch out. This dress can play tricks on your eyes.
***The class laughs.***
Student 2: That dress doesn't play looks like you're a dalmation!

Awesome. Summer is definitely over.

Besides the Fido moment, my first day back was great. It is going to be a fantastic year. :)

P.S. Sofia has just learned how to wave! Daddy took a picture of us when we walked in the door from our first day back.


Kate D said...

ahhh, teenagers. you gotta have THICK skin to teach 'em. just wait 'til sofia's critiquing your outfits!

Mick Bright Kim said...

Hi everyone I would invite you

aunt lindsey said...

I think we should all send you videos of us waving to Sofia so she can practice waving to her family and practice recognizing our faces!

Meg, Chris and Sofia said...

I LOVE that idea! :)

Mary and David said...

Are you ready for web cams yet? I sure am.

Glad to see you are pumped up for back to school, Meg. We are delighted Chris' day will finally shrink to normal hours. It should be a good year for the three of you.