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Friday, April 25, 2008

Tubes It Is!

Our little ear infection queen was finally able to get into see the ear, nose and throat specialist this morning. Within about 2 minutes of the consult, the doctor noted that Sofia was the perfect candidate for tubes in her ears. Keep your fingers crossed...not only might we be able to sleep through an ENTIRE night in the near future but our sweet child might actually feel better!

We'll keep you posted when the surgery gets scheduled.


Anonymous said...

We will be remembering all of you. It is wonderful to have something to help them. Keep us updated!!
Aunt Connie

Mary said...

This is wonderful news, and may this phase soon pass. Just wondering if the doctor recommends any special care around water, especially after the tubes are in, i.e. no swimming or maybe wear ear plugs, or ear plugs for bath time. We just want to be a little careful when she's on her Michigan vacation.
XXOX, Momma Mia

Daddio said...

She is not allowed to take bath or shower for 10 full days after the tubes are installed. We shall call her Stink-a-rella. No I am kidding. She will have to have some sort of ear protection while in the water. Currently the Doc's are scheduling the operations for the month of June, but Sofia is on the cancelation list.

Anonymous said...

Oh, precious one will finally get help...and you two will get some rest too.(get the two too to?)
To the rest of you, this was a family joke.
Back to Sofia, I hope it is done soon and with success.


love to you all

Anonymous said...

We can't wait until the little sweetie feels better and you all are on the mend! I've never seen a little one who is so cheerful and energetic even when she doesn't feel well.....She's got that "can do" spirit already!
Love to you all,
Mom and Brian

Sara & Jeff Eklove said...

It's an amazing difference! We'll be keeping Miss Sophia on our hearts until you can get 'er done!