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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Katie!

It is only fitting that May 1st is Grandma Katie's birthday. Typically a day known for it's refreshing spirit with spring officially on it's way, Katie rises with the wind as she refreshes the spirits of all she encounters. She is so dear to all of us and such an inspiration as she continues to battle cancer for the 4th time with the voracity of a tiger. In fact, in the face of dreary results just a few months ago, she chose to keep her head held high and fight harder than ever before. Just recently, her doctors were stunned by her amazing cell counts and positive reactions to chemotherapy.

Katie, we love you and are so happy you are with us to celebrate another 29th birthday!

Happy Birthday!!

Holding Sofia on her First Christmas.

Look at this family! What a legacy Katie and Clint have created!


Anonymous said...

I love reading Grandma Katie's comments on the blog.....How wise and kind she is! You're right...she's an example for all of us!

Best wishes and every blessing to you, Katie!

Sofia said...

3`UUBYR55555YTRFYVUO9HIGUFYCU8DGJUCJKJBB!!! Translation - Happy Birthday Great Grandma1

Mary said...

Sweet birthday greeting, Chris and Meg. Ditto on Debbie's comments. Love Mom's sense of humor on the blog. Proud of you, Mom!

XXOX, Mary

Anonymous said...

Ah geez, you know how to ruin a girls make-up with your kind words. All I can comment is that your love is returned 10 fold for your kindnesses.

Sofia; jnsoeurhgalpxotti to you!!
You are a beutiful baby and I loved holding you.

I had a wonderful day and I thank my family and friends for their messages of cheer.

Love to you all
Ggram kt