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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Colorado Mama of the Year!

So there was a good chance that I was going to have to work on Mother's Day this year. I am working on an elementary school remodel and we have been asked to install a stinky, smelly tar roof system over the weekend to avoid disturbance with the students and staff during their school musical and one of their end-of-the-year award ceremonies. The original plan involved Saturday and Sunday so our clan celebrated Dia De Madres the Sunday before. Meg had her favorite coffee cake and then we took off to the Rockies Game and then a stroll downtown to the Cinco de Mayo festival. Just so you know, Denver host the largest festival for this celebration in the nation! It was a great day to celebrate our Colorado Mama!
Sporting our home team colors! It must have worked because the Rock's beat the Dodgers 7-2. Meg even saw her first "Pickle" play with her favorite player Matt Holliday falling to a tag out. But it did advance a runner to third...
The jumbo-tron doesn't know what it is missing!
Too much excitement for this little one. We made two stops to two different stores to find this umbrella stroller for the game. So many people commented on Sofia sleeping and how cute she was. Rockie's fans sure aren't lairs!

So I did work today (Saturday), but we got everything done so no work is needed tomorrow. Looks like Mama Meg is getting two Mothers's Days this year. I can't complain because she is such a great mother and takes care of Sofia and I in so many ways. Tomorrow is Egg Benedict and a long bike ride. Thank you again Meg for all that you do, day in and day out. We love you!
I was able to capture the elusive "in bed" picture. (unbelievable huh Cyndi?) Sofia and I joined mom for breakfast in bed. Eggs Benedict is a Daniel favorite for special breakfasts. Now I just need to find a "Special Day" plate like the one we had growing up! Happy Mother's day to all of our mothers and to any mother who comes across this blog today!


cyndi & lee said...

Chris - I love that you not only served Meg breakfast in bed but that you were able to capture a picture of it! I'm all about capturing pics of the food but the thought of my "first thing in the morning" look broadcast for all of cyberspace to see makes me a bit queasy. Obviously Meg has nothing to worry about...she wakes up looking great!

p.s. Kudos for being such a loving husband and treating her like the Queen Mom she is!

Meg - Happy Mother's Day!!

Mom and Dad said...

Happy Mother's Day Meghan! Hope you were able to actually eat your breakfast with the Wiggly One in your bed. What a pair of sunshiny faces. Good job Chris! See you Tuesday!!!

Mom and Dad

Kate D said...

Oh my gosh, what a fabulous husband! Those are some really great pictures and it sounds like such a great TWO mothers days! I totally love Sofia's piggy tails. What a cutie patootie. We were SUPPOSED to go to a cubs game today, but it was rainy, cold, and windy. Boo Chicago.

Anonymous said...

What a great time! I'm so glad you all have had so many happy memories and captured them so well.
Meggie, it's been a pleasure being your Mom for another year :-)....and Chris, you rock, honey!
Love you all,

Anonymous said...


Who can wake up to Eggs Ben and not smile. Sofia looks like the little bird that swollowed the canary. Perfectly happy to be in the big bed with Mommy.

She can do her serious sleeping in the stroller.

Love you..........and Happy Day!!