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Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Let's Get Digital, Digital"

Can't you just hear Olivia Newton-John doing a remake with those lyrics? How hilarious (and fitting) that would be! 

Well, even if my dreams of a remake don't come true, we have at least caught up caught up with the majority of the world! After carefully saving our pennies for what seemed like an eternity and combining a little tax rebate money we bought a for. real. home. theater. system. - flat panel HD tv, surround sound speakers, receiver, blue ray player and satellite subscription!! 

Holy crapoly! I liked watching tv before, but now I LOVE it! It's become an experience. Amazing! If there were such a job as a television-watching connoisseur like there is for wine experts, I would TOTALLY apply. 

Good thing there are work-out channels so I don't melt into the couch! Now I actually want to workout since I can see the instructors actually sweating in HD! 

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