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Thursday, February 26, 2009

She Wears Short Shorts

We all know that our little Sofia keeps us busy. She is clearly in love with every aspect of the world around her. She is an explorer, collector, examiner, questioner, and thinker. Because of this, we found it odd when she began to comment regularly on her legs back in November. Still with a fairly limited vocabulary, she would say "Owie, Owie, leg!", grab her right knee and start to cry. With careful inspection, we would never find anything that could be causing the pain and for a while tossed it off as just growing pains.

...until December 21. That day, I took Sofia for her 2 year check-up (a little late, I know) and mentioned the "growing pains" to the doc. She asked a series of questions and then ended up sending us immediately down to the lab and x-ray for tests. What? It seemed that these pains were not growing pains at all and needed to be checked into ASAP.

After two grueling weeks of lab work, worry and careful observation of EVERY detail of this child's life, we were finally told we were in the clear of the C-word and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis - both very scary. We were also told to keep a close eye and call back if things did not change...or got worse.

Fast forward 6 weeks. Sofia continued to get leg pains at least once a week and then suddenly she started talking about her LEFT leg. Now, with a more advanced vocab, she would say, "Mommy, leg. It huuwrt. Medcin?" My heart broke and I also became worried again. Why had the pain shifted? Two days after the left leg started to hurt, both began to hurt at the same time. Sofia began waking up in tears during the night - sometimes for up to 3 hours because of the pain.

We called her doc back and she had us come right in for more testing. This time, they added bone cancer and bone infection to the gamut. Talk about scary! Her first round came back a little hairy, so they wanted to double check results one week later. In the meantime, observation...AGAIN.

This morning I took Sofia in for the test results and another exam.
Results: NORMAL (Woo hoo!)
Diagnosis: UNKNOWN.
Plan of Action: Sofia is being referred on to a pediatric orthopaedic to look at her hips, femur and knees because they are rotated inward and maybe part of the pain issue. She also has provided us with a series of stretches and heating techniques to help manage the pain in the meantime.

The doc feels confident now that we can rule out most of the big, scary immuno-related diseases, which is a WONDERFUL feeling. I am hoping that all three of us can sleep a little bit more peacefully tonight with that off of our minds.

...and sleep is what we desperately need. We are tired! Please keep Sofia in your prayers as we try and figure out what is going on with her little body. She is hurting. I have faith in our doctors that they will eventually figure something out, but a little extra faith from around the globe would help too. :)


southern daze said...

What a roller coaster ride you've been on lately! I'm glad to hear all the big stuff has been ruled out and hope you know you'll be in our thoughts & prayers.

Anonymous said...

we'll be thinking of that little peanut :) keep the positive attitude - it is clearly working!

Momma Mia said...

Thanks for the call last night. Your doctor seems to be all over this, which is wonderful. I was thinking today during yoga that maybe Sofia would enjoy doing stretches in a mom + daughter yoga class if there is such a thing. As always, wish we weren't so far away.