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Friday, February 26, 2010

Its a baby boy!

Here is a picture of our 21 week old Baby Boy. We can't call him Baby Daniel because our last name sounds like a first name! He is healthy and everything is on track! I am doing back flips and Meg is also excited. 4 months to go! Just in time for preseason...

Here is his foot. Can't wait to tickle those toes!
The technician who did the ultrasound was really cool. Not only did she give us printed out pictures of the ultrasound, but she also gave us a ton of video footage. The first is of our little man swallowing. The second shows the front of his face and his heart beating away on the left (it's kinda hard to see, but if you look hard, you'll find it.).

video video


Christie said...

Oh boy! I'm so excited for you guys that I couldn't even resist that pun! :) Hope all is well!!!! Love to you four!

Debbie said...

AMAZING!!! So neat what technology can do these days, isn't it? .....And so nice that your baby is being born into a family that is both "High Tech" and "High Touch"! Love all four of you---Give a kiss to Big Sister Sofia, okay?

Anonymous said...

How exciting!
Life is such a blessing and to see him at this stage is more than thrilling.

God bless you all

My love to you

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how thrilled you must have been watching the ultra sound. The videos get stuck in "buffering" mode but the pictures are very cool.
XXOX, Dad and Momma Mia

GPA said...

I haven't been on the blog for awhile and I apologise for that. I guess I've been too tied up with my new job. I am so excited for you two! Meg, you look tremendous and I'm glad you are feeling good! I love all three and 1/2 of you and can't wait till July! Miss you guys and just know that I love you so very much!

Anonymous said...

exciting news... the Daniel name will continue for another generation!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ryan, you are right about the name!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you. How exciting! I agree with the Daniel name continuing for another generation. We are looking forward to more pictures as things progress. Thanks for sharing with us. Love to all
Aunt Connie

Aunt Judes said...

Incredible and the possibilities to come!! love to you all

Anonymous said...

little bitty baby boy
got a wagon full of toys
got a moose and a pig named sue
penguin and a donkey too!