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Sunday, June 03, 2012


En route to Saturday's ballet class...

Sofia: Mom, where is heaven?
Me: Well, I think it's wherever you want it to be. Many people like to think that heaven is up in the sky.
Sofia: Oh. Can animals go there too?
Me: Of course!
Sofia: Well, where do people and animals sleep when they are in heaven if it's in the sky?
Me: Hmmm...maybe they sleep in the clouds. It's probably very soft.
Sofia: So THAT'S why the clouds looks like animal shapes sometimes!
Me: That's exactly it, my dear. 

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janannette said...

That is always a tough question but it seems you handled it wisely. It's always hard to give information when you've never experienced it and no one really knows for sure. But you we wise enough to give just the right amount of information and I loved Sophia's retort.