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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In Sickness and In Health

I am so grateful for my husband on so many levels. In a bizarre set of circumstances, I spent Sunday night up pacing back and forth across my living room floor with the worst case of heart burn turned pukefest I have experienced in my life.

Sunday night turned into Monday morning and things were not getting any better. At 5 a.m., Chris drove to the 24 hour grocery store to find me some medicine, went to his office to gather his items for the day, and was back by 7:30 to take care of me and the kids. To say he has been busy at work lately is an understatement. But without question, he took the day off so he could work from home and be sure I okay.

By 9:30 and with no relief of removing my head from the porcelain god in sight, we were on the way to the doctor. Chris sat with me as I received an IV, heated blankets (my body temp had dropped to below 95 degrees!), medicines, and constant prodding. He took care of filling my prescriptions, managed the kids all afternoon and evening and even managed to crack jokes throughout the day.

What started as a super gnarly case of acid reflux that spiraled out of control ended in the most wonderful feeling of how lucky and honored I am to have a partner who is so willing to care for me during difficult (and disgusting!!) times.

For better or worse; in sickness and in health....

Yeah, he's a keeper. And for HIM I am thankful!

June 26, 2004

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Sherri said...

So glad you are feeling better..and yes, he's a great man. Tell him that every day!