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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Holy Huge Zucchini!

Yes, this is real. This has not been digitally enhanced or grown with any of baseball's steroids. I picked this out of the community garden in our building's courtyard. They are also growing a variety of peppers, eggplant, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries, to name a few. It looks like you have to be quick on the ripe strawberries or the garden critters will get them. I am going to look for a good "zuc on the grill" recipe for this sucker. It is way too big to be diced down and sauteed, and it would also be way to much work! I am going to keep a sharp eye on the couple of eggplants coming in. If they are even close to this size, I will invite you all over for some eggplant parmesan.

Meg's week of AP training went well, despite the elitest attitude that most of the men had in the class (she was 1 of 4 women). She rocked and held her own though. Monday she starts at school with all her meetings, staff training sessions and setting up her classroom. She and I will be helping to register students on Wednesday night and should be lots of fun. I am really excited for her year to begin!

Miss you all and take care.


Anonymous said...

i'd recommend a colorado state shirt over the buffalo garb you are wearing in the snaps.

DD said...

You are the master at working with spices, so I'm sure you will come up with a good recipe! Eggplant on the grill is great also.

Anonymous said...

hey, I clicked on your picture and those big blue eyes just popped open! How good to see you .....
Glad you are doing your "veggies"

LKD said...

that's a zucchini fit for a giant daniel vegetarian meal...hmmm... is it time for me to come visit yet?