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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Lazy Sunday Morning

Hey there everybody! Well I can't seem to sleep in on the weekends like the rest of the bunch here. I guess getting up @ 7:00am on the weekends compared to 5:30am during the week does give me an extra 1-1/2 hours. But I just can't seem to compete with the other three sleepy ones. My weekend morning ritual is usually sneaking out of bed a little before 7:00am and taking Layla down the block to Fluid Coffee Shop (Meg's summer employer) and chatting with the owner. I then get a cup of joe and take Layla on a walk until it is gone. Then I go home and make lots of noise whippin' up some breakfast. Either the noise from the silverware and cereal bowl clinking or the smell of pancakes and bacon/sausage gets my girl a'stirin from Mr. Sandman's grip.
Today I did the later (quick breakfast), read a good chunk of the Sunday Denver Post, put away my Bronco good luck memorabilia shrine from the victory against Indy from the night before, talked to G & G and Uncle Dick and Aunt Joyce on the tele, and dinked around all while the others decided to go back to slumber land. Aren't they cute, and there I am wide awake.


Mom said...

Chris,you are such a hoot! No wonder Meg was a little in need of sleep----The first full week of teaching school is enough to wear even a strong woman out! Hope you enjoyed a lovely day.
We love you,
Mom and Brianm

Anonymous said...

Extra special day brightner....
You are a sunshine.....
They are lucky to have you.

cyndi & lee said...

Chris -

You are such a crack up! I loved to see the pics but if Lee posted a picture of me asleep on our blog...I'd have to hurt him!

Hope all is well!

dd said...

Well, I wonder where you get that from!!!!

Momma Mia said...

Chris, isn't it funny how generations repeat some things. You have a wonderful way of describing things for us, both as a writer and "illustrator." Keep it up.