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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Welcome To Mrs. Daniel's Room!

Okay, so they aren't the best photos, but I'm sure you can get the idea of what my room looks like. I couldn't snap any pics during the day when the kids were in there for safety/security reasons so, you'll have to ignore the chairs up on the tables. Also, lots of things are still under construction or in progress at school- hence my makeshift screen at the front of the room!
Enjoy the tour! :)

My classroom skeleton, "Bones" guards my Michigan State flag with pride as he wears his own lab coat!

Standing behind my desk in the corner, I have a view of all the kids. On my desk I have a lava lamp, an Albert Einstein action figure, and lots of other doo-dads that are super-enticing for the kids to play with. They think I am a total dork, but then follow their attitudes with, "Ahhh, hey, um, Mrs. Daniel? Can we play with Albert Einstein?" I just have to be 14 again!

And finally...what science room would be complete without huge atom models and a life-size DNA strand climbing up the wall? Let's just put it this student will ever be able to fall asleep in here! :)


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Looks like an awesome learning environment. I am settling here in Mad-town. Look for an email with pics soon! Miss ya.

Mom said...

Meg....what a cool place! You're right----Middle School kids are always "too cool", but underneath, they're ready to be kids again whenever they're given the opportunity. You're going to be a great teacher, because you already understand that. They're lucky to have you!
Deborah McFalone, Executive Director, Curriculum and Instruction, Grand Rapids Public Schools ( Your Mom :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks snappy. Except for, perhaps, the State flag. Go Wolverines!!!