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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Honesty is a virtue?

After struggling to hold three chubby, swollen fingers up when describing a situation to my students, I sighed. This sigh was followed by,

"No disrespect, Miz D., but I have noticed for the past 4 or 5 days that your fingers are just fat. Have they always been that way?"

Gotta love the honest truth from a 14-year-old's mouth.


Julia Reynolds :) said...

Oh, that swelling at the end is the worst! Just stay off your feet as much as you can (there is NO shame in teaching while sitting - maybe get a stool so you are higher up than the students) and take it easy when you get home. (Put your legs and feet up on pillows.) It will soon be over - and then you can rejoice while the swelling goes down (it does take awhile) and you are holding your new baby!

DD said...

I hope didn't pull down two of those fingers!!

MWD said...

A perfect "teachable moment" if ever there was one. Surely there is a spot in the science curriculum that touches on the painful reaction in a pregnant woman's heart to receiving such a remark. I'd give you a hand massage if I was there.