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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

Hello everyone, what a weekend I had. Kamron, one of my good friends from Michigan, is getting married in September of this year to a beautiful and all-around sweatheart of a woman, Nicole. As so many groups of testosterone filled men do, we all met in Vegas for a bachelor party. We stayed at a suite in the Belagio which only had access through the non-marked VIP entrance off of the side of the main lobby (note view from 29th floor). While Penni and I mastered the nickle slots and quarter video poker games, some of the big rollers went to $15-$25 blackjack and poker games. Some of us broke close to even (blaming the loss of money to the bars Saturday night, aka me) and some if us lost it big (you know who you are). For only being there about 36 hours, the 16 of us make it home safe with only a few close calls. The rest of the details will not be put in print, but will remain only in memories and in the smiles and nods we exchange when when the boys get together for more weddings and group gatherings. And as it was once said, "Chris has left the building!"

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Anonymous said...

The last sentence was perfect.
My head bobbbled remembering shared nods and smiles.........

Way to go.

; )