Meg's (Ad)Ventures

Thursday, August 31, 2006

...for the belly lovers...

My beautiful wife. What a trooper. Most of us can carry a 20 weight for short while and some of us longer. This girl has been doing it for over a month and has another two to go. She is back at school teaching away and on her feet all day. She is doing a terrific job remaining positive and not letting the aches and pains bring her down. I hope all of you who are trying and who are planning, have the same optimism and positive attitude my wife is expressing. I am such a lucky guy. Thank you all for you love and support during this exciting time.


Anonymous said...

Just got back on line after problems with internet provider.

Just in time to see Meg WITH CHILD!

That smile tells it all.

Thrilled for you

Grandma katie

Anonymous said...

I admit it.... I'm a belly lover. :) You look great Megs.

DD said...

Now you really look like you're going to make me a grandpa!! Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!!