Meg's (Ad)Ventures

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It's 3:47 a.m. I've been awake for hours. What is it that people think about at this hour of the morning? Let me tell you!

1) How is it that a ceiling fan can spin so fast and not make any noise? The laws of mechanics and physics amaze me.

2) The seemingly immortal Steve Irwin has passed away. The conservationist and zoological community has lost a major player and it is incredibly sad.

3) Parents. This weekend I received an email from a parent whos child clearly exaggerated and twisted a conversation that we had on Friday thus leading to a blind-siding blow to my intensions to watch out for the amount of homework she had. When did teachers become the wrongdoers in every situation without being given any thought or benefit of the doubt to what might have ACTUALLY have taken place?

4) Parents. Am I going to be that way?

5) My husband works so hard. Day in and day out he pulls himself out of bed before 5 a.m. and gets in his truck for a 50 minute drive to his jobsite where he works hard all day and often leaves after everyone else is gone. He gets home after days like this and then only wants to take care of me. His drive an ambition are inspiring. I love him beyond imagine.

6) Like a 5 year old sleeping without her blanky for the first time, I miss my mom. Yup, it's true. I'm not sure if it's the point I'm at in pregnancy, the flu/moldy fruit I've been dealing with the past few days, or if I just plain miss her. But, I do.

7) I turn 26 on Friday. I have passed and waved good-bye to a quarter century. Is this the point where people start to feel old?

8) I should not have this much going on in my head at 4:00 in the morning! SLEEP MEGHAN!!


Anonymous said...

love you guys and i miss you even more:) i just love the belly pictures, and sis, don't forget how amazing you are with're gonna blow you're students and their parents away with your talents. Try not to sweat the small stuff and get some sleep! talk to you soon.

love aunt pickles

Mom said...

Meggie...I love being able to "hear" what's going on in your mind! I'm sure the restless nights will pass---they come with the territory of life changes like pregnancy and a new school year, right? You're sweet to miss me (even though you thought that might be connected to your eating moldy fruit??? :-) and we sure all miss you, think and pray for you, Chris, and the Least One each day. Take it easy....and take a warm bath! Love you lots and lots and lots.....

Julia said...

Meg -

Oh, during the last few weeks (yes, you are that far along), you will sleep less for some reason. (I remember this - one year ago at this time). People said that it prepares you to be ready for less sleep when the baby arrives, but you certainly want to ignore that and try to sleep anytime you can since you need it to keep your energy going! Have you been taking naps when you get home from school? Those feel so yummy, especially after a long day. I am thinking about you! Plus, you are bringing back so many memories from my pregnancy adventure. I can't wait to hear about your lives with Baby D - since I am sure that my husband and I will laugh in recognition to your thoughts. Take care! Happy Birthday! (You're not old - try turning 35, which I just did and quickly realized that I am on my way to 40. YIKES!)

DD said...

Try snuggling with Chris - when I can't sleep it works for me to snuggle up with the one next to me. Think of days when you and Chris were in college and traveled back and forth and all that LOVE WAS THERE!!!!!

Love ya!! Happy Birthday tomorrow!!