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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Birthday Fun

Yes, it's true. The national holiday has come and gone. What national holiday, you ask? My birthday, of course! :) 26. Twenty-six. T-W-E-N-T-Y-S-I-X. Geez. My sister called to wish my a happy birthday recalling how it seemed just like yesterday that I turned 16 and got a cute little car. That thought was followed by, "Oh my gosh, that was 10 years ago!" I was proud to see that Kristen's math skills were at work.

Anyway, despite the momentary struggle with passing over a quarter of a century, my birthday truly was a fabulous day. My students sang to me, friends brought me breakfast, my husband and friends organized dinner and Chris booked an AMAZING prenatal massage for me this morning as my gift. It was great! I feel so lucky to have so many people in my life who are so caring.

The restaurant we went to last night was called Tamayo. We have wanted to go there forever, so it was great to go on such a special night. The restaurant specializes in modern Mexican cuisine - basically REALLY good Mexican food that is pretty too! :) Octoberfest was also going on right outside on the block surrounding the restaurant which provided for a fun stroll after dinner was complete.

Thanks again for all the cards and phone messages! I feel truly loved!!

Here are a few pics from last night's dinner with Matt, Stacey, Dawn, Chris and I. Enjoy!


Our friends, Matt and Stacey at Tamayo for dinner.

Our friend, Dawn. She and I teach together. Her birthday is tomorrow. Virgo power!

Chris and I at Tamayo. Good food and great company!

Matt, Stacey and Chris enjoying the sites, smells, tastes and sounds of Octoberfest. :)


Mom said...

As a person with intimate knowledge of your first day of life 26 years ago, I'm so glad you had a fabulous celebration in honor of the day! :-) I've loved every minute!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Megs! Sounds like you had a great time celebrating! Sorry I missed your call back. I've been sicky and was sleeping. yuk. We'll chat sometime soon though.

Anonymous said...

Megs... You still look sweet 16 though... Hope you had a wonderful birthday... Take care of your self and your special birthday gift kicking inside you... Love you both tons.... Penni

DD said...

Great pictures! It's fun to be able to see what your friends look like! Sounds like you had a Great Day! We love you and miss you!!

ms.stark said...

Hey Meg,
Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it, but you of all people know what the 1st week back to school is like! Things are going well though. I'm excited for another great year. 26 isn't that bad, I just turned 27, so it could be worse!