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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Quite The Week

When it rains, it pours. This has been quite the week in the Daniel household.

It began with both of us having insanely busy weeks at work. No big deal. We're both used to that. What we didn't anticipate was Chris's one-year old truck to get stuck on the highway because it wouldn't shift into gear, a $1900 price tag to fix it, my blood pressure to spike to 150/90, my doctor telling me to wear wrist braces 24/7 due to severe carpel tunnel as well as finding out there is a good chance I won't go full term. Let's just put it this way - we were both really glad when the weekend arrived! :)

Despite the craziness that the week entertained us with, we did have a few great moments. Last weekend, we picked up the final piece of furniture for the nursery. It is a beautiful gliding rocking chair that was a gift from my step-mom, step-grandma and step-aunt. We are SO incredibly lucky to have such a caring and supporting family as we embark on a new life with a little one! :) THANK YOU Rose, Fran and Rene!!!

Like a first grader who got her first 100% on a spelling test, I hung an accomplishment on the refrigerator too! My Master's diploma arrived on Wednesday and it is proudly hung right on the refrigerator! Chris and I laughed so hard at the lameness and simplicity of the action. Let's face it though, is there really a better place to hang up one's best work?

With my diploma posted, I also received a copy of my transcripts which I promptly sent to our HR department. Next week's monthly paycheck is going to ROCK with the pay raise that will come along with the completion of my degree!

That's it for now. Chris is at the Broncos game today with some work buddies and I am working on some long-term lesson plans with my feet up on the couch. I'm sure Chris will have tons to talk about after the game.:)

More soon. Prego out.


cyndi & lee said...

What a week!!! I totally understand the frustration of car issues. I took my 4 year old Explorer in for a oil change & tire rotation and ended up spending $1100!!! Apparently my tires were in the "red" zone (not good) and both my front & back brakes needed to be replaced! Had I known beforehand, I could have worked a couple extra weeks and paid for it! Oh well, peace of mind and safety are definitely priceless!

Congratulations on your Master's degree and upcoming raise. Hopefully that takes a bit of the "sting" out of the $1900 car bill!

Anonymous said...

Any chance the one-year old truck still under warranty?