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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Laws of Gravity

We all remember the days of hanging upside down on the monkey bars on the playground, doing handstands and being held upside down by an older sibling/relative. Good times, yes, but the feeling of blood rushing to your head is one that will never be forgotten.

Today, the doctor told me that the baby has "flipped" and already has it's head in the downward position. So what's the deal? Do the laws of gravitational force not apply in utero? Why would any creature want to be upside down for such a long period of time? I mean, I still have WEEKS to go before this kid comes out! It just can't be comfortable and my scientific brain cannot wrap itself around this wacky concept.

I should totally be grading, but contemplating Newtonian physics is way more entertaining.

Chris's response to my thoughts: "You are such a dork."

Takes one to know one. :)



I love your blog. You guys are hilarious!

Julia Reynolds said...

Baby D is getting ready to come out and meet his/her mommy and daddy! :)