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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

First Dates 9 Years Later

Today marks 9 years of Chris and I being the crazy pair that we are. And, even after 9 years of love, my incredible husband still knows how to take me out on a "first date". Last night, he took me to one of our favorite restaurants downtown for a bottle of wine and some incredible Italian food to celebrate our relationship and our new life together as parents. It was our first time going out on a date alone since Sofia was born. While it was hard to leave the little bundle of love at home with our friend Matt, it was wonderful rediscovering why we do love each other so much through candlelight and conversation. He is my best friend.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Mom said...

I can't remember who said this, but someone did....." The best thing a father can do for his to love their mother." Good for you two for knowing your time together is important and for honoring your commitment to each other and to your relationship. You're making an important transition into a new phase of your partnership, and I'm proud of both of you.
Love you lots,

Andrea said...

So glad to hear you guys had a chance to take a night out together. I completely agree with your mom's comment.

Happy Valentine's Day to you guys, too!

love, Andrea (and Tom!)

Skimmilk99 said...

I can remember 9 year ago Meg! You were so nervous in Gym class to be going out with Chris... and look how it all turned out! You two are the cutest! Congrats over and over... you two make it look so easy.