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Sunday, September 30, 2007

A $14 Haircut is Just That:

A $14 haircut!

In an effort to save a few bucks and a bit of time, I decided to run over to a local discount hair salon on Saturday to get a haircut. I talked with the stylist and told her what I was looking for: a simple, slightly angled bob that began at my shoulders.

Sign #1 things were not going right: The woman doing my hair made a comment that she decided to "take it a lot shorter that I asked."

Sign #2: She was done cutting my hair in 19 minutes flat.

Sign #3: I got this really odd, hot pain on the back of my neck when she was using the electric razor.

Sign #4: She dried my hair and said, "okay, style it how you want to."

Needless to say, I was in tears by the time I made it home. Things were NOT looking good -- or even for that matter. And that weird pain?? She had cut the back of my neck! After several attempts to use my styling products and devices to make my new cut work for me, I gave up and made the shameful call to my regular salon to see if by chance, they had had any cancellations and could fit me in to fix me up.

Thankfully I was in luck. A super-talented stylist was available and was able to work her magic. She felt bad because my hair was seriously botched. After about an hour, she whipped me around to take a look in the mirror. MUCH better!

Never have I had two haircuts in a day and I have definitely learned my lesson when it comes to a discount haircut!

P.S. I have the best husband ever. He felt so bad that I was so upset that he drove me downtown to the salon and gave up an afternoon of college football to be my moral support. I love him :)


Andrea said...

Meg, it looks so nice! You always have beautiful hair with such trendy style. I can't imagine even a botched cut looking bad on you.
So glad to read an update!

Mom and Brian said...

You look beautiful in the pic, Meg....

Love you!

(MYC) Jenn said...

I too have experienced the 'less expensive haircut' tears! I have done the same thing before and realized that I should always stick with the professionals, even if it's a little more! Your hair looks great!

Jenn :)

Kate D said...

OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe she cut the back of your neck and didn't tell you! I've had lots of bad color jobs in my day, but have never been injured by the stylist! it really does look awesome now, though.