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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Political Moment of the Week

This week in my student government class, a group of students gave speeches to run for officer positions. As one of my 6th grade students stood up to give her speech for secretary, her friend loudly asked, "Are you a republican or a democracy?" She cooley responded, "I won't be discussing my political position today."

I should seriously get paid to write down all the funny comments my students make...


Zach said...

Nice strategery.

Mom said...

It's great to be surrounded by grins at school! Glad you're having a good time.
Love you,

kristen said...

funniest first grade moments so far:

1. "Miss Michaels, I just had a big poop in the bathroom! That's why my tummy hurt!!"

(sorry if that grossed anyone out)

2.Everyday we have math homework and I always say to my students, "Make sure to do side B of the worksheet TONIGHT at home." One of my parents approached me after the first night of homework to tell me that her son was in tears after school the day before when it was homework time because Miss Michaels said that he had to do his math at NIGHT!

Kate D said...

I'd be pretty impressed if that one girl were a democracy all by herself.

Oh! I wanted to tell you this one when you wrote about being called a dalmatian: Last year one of my students asked me, "Are you pigeon toed or bowlegged?" I said, "Neither!" and he replied, "Yes you are."