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Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Moment to Remember

Many apologies for the hiatus.

The last two weeks have taken us by storm. Chris has been working at his office estimating on multiple projects (almost 20 million dollars worth in January alone!) and I went back to school to finish off first semester. Extra long work days for both of us meant precious family time when we got home. By the time Sofia went to bed, we either zonked out ourselves or took a deep breath to get a second wind and get back to work.

But we are done. Grades are in. The semester is over. Chris is half way through the month of bids. There is officially a light at the end of the tunnel for him and I have a long weekend due to MLK, Jr. Day.

Despite our busy and stressful schedules, we continually find ourselves caught in priceless moments with Sofia. I never imagined that a child's smile, laugh, hug, kiss or gaze could make even the worst moments melt away. She is such a blessing! We often tell her she is a "good girl". As we drove around running errands today, we heard a sweet little voice, with perfect inflection, from the back seat, "goo gir, goo gir"! We immediately realized what she was trying to say. After laughing hysterically and confirming that our child is definitely a genius, we then dreamed about what her first "real" words are going to be. Chris thinks "Jack, no!" (no explanation necessary). I think "pineapple" (it tastes good and is a funny word).

For now, here are a few shots and laughs from the past few weeks.
Sofia found her swimsuit and put it on herself! Paisley and polka dots are a perfect match!
After playing with her blocks, Sofia got her tool belt and headed for the pipes under the sink.

How we play. :)


Dad and Mom said...

You're back and we are glad! Sofia is such an entertainer. She could keep us amused for hours. I'm with you on "Jack, no!" on the first words, although "good girl" is right up there too. What a perfectly positive message she is playing in her head.

Love you guys,
Dad and Mom

aunt pickles said...

that video just made my day! she's got the BEST laugh. love you.

Kate D said...

love the video. :) when did her hair suddenly get so long? she's a little dolly!

Mom and Brian said...

Her facial expressions and responses are so much fun to see! Thanks you guys for the update---We miss you lots and lots!

P.S..."Jack, no" would be preferred over "Daddy, no"!

LindseyandJaffer said...

I am personally a fan of the plumber photos... glad to see you guys are keeping warm and happy!