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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Looking Back

Yes, yes, I know...we haven't posted in over a week. Many apologies for our cyber-absence. But, we're back in full force for a fabulous year in 2008! Before we move forward however, Chris and I wanted to stop and take one last look into 2007. It was a year filled with many firsts for Sofia, friends, family, adventure and love. Enjoy!

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Andrea said...

Wow! Sofia has so many great expressions! Based on the pictures of you two I can see where she gets it ;)
A great year, it was. I hope to see you more in 2008 though!

Dand and Mom said...

What a Great Year you three have had - the pictures just tell the whole story! Must have been hard to distill it all. We are so glad to have been a part and know we love you so much. Looking forward to making many more memories in 2008. We want to ski with you again! Let's make it happen.

XXOX, Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I remain convinced that little Sof will actually be too smart to attend State (rooting for them is OK though). Send that girl to either Michigan or Georgia Tech though...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work in keeping us all posted on your beautiful family's life in Denver. Hope to see you in 2008.
-the virginia gang

Mom and Brian said...

We're amazed at how much can happen in a year, and how much Sofia has grown! What comes through in the pictures is such a wonderful sense of family, and the rich times you've had with your friends and each other. Thanks for taking the time to put this together, and for knowing how much it means to all of us.
Love to you,
Mom and Brian

Sara & Jeff Eklove said...

What a great year!

Anonymous said...

I just came back to play the video again and it is a treasure.
Hard to imagine her getting so big. The scenes with family members and friends just add so much to the scenes of your lives.

Love to you all,