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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday Chris!

First off Meg, Sofia, and I want to say thank you to everyone for the touching cards and gifts we received over the last few weeks. Everyone has been quite generous this year and we are lucky to have you all in our lives.

This was the first time that were did not head back to Michigan for Christmas since moving to Denver. While it was hard, we were fortunate to have one another, our friends and a beautiful child to make for a fantastic holiday and birthday. Last night, we had a small get together at our house with our neighbors. While enjoying food, wine and lots of laughter, I was struck at how incredible it was to be enveloped by the love of friends during the holidays. We are so fortunate to have people in our lives to trust, laugh and support. We truly have been blessed in our life out west!
Every girl regardless of her age loves a new dress.
Meg did a great job on the traditional red-velvet cake.
Flashback to 1981 anyone?
I got Guitar Hero II from Santa! Rock on Meg...
Christina, Jenn, and Randle joining us for some spirits and snacks Christmas Eve.
We got between 10-12 inches of new snow on Christmas day! Couldn't pass up this oportunity to get some sleddin' in!
On Dad, On Mom, On Layla, and Blitzen...
Didn't everyone have one of these? Can't you already hear Ode To Joy?
What a beautiful setting with Meg's great-grandma's china passed down from her Aunt.
Matt, Stacey, and the Twins finally got out of the house. Piper was wide awake and Elli was in the other room with visions of sugarplums dancing in her head.
Sofia loved the ribbons on all of the gifts as much as shredding the wrapping paper.
No caption needed here. What a cute picture!
Sofia got a new purse which will nicely hold her toy cell phone.
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...


Gpa said...

Great Pictures! Absolutely great! We missed you three so much - more than you have any idea - we have to change that for next year! Sounds like everything went really well and I'm so happy you have such good people around you and their support really helps! Keep those pictures coming!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for sharing your pictures. Sofia is a living doll in her Christmas Dress.Meg, I am so proud of you that with just getting home you remembered the Red Cake for Chris!How nice. I do believe Chris was more into the cake at one year than Sofia. The dainty girl came through. It did result in serious handwashing that ended with Chris in the sink, clothes and all. All good memories, even sledding in the snow.
Pleased that you have so many friends to share with. We missed you of course but hold you close to our hearts.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I truly enjoyed seeing how your Christmas and Birthday were celebrated. Sending hugs through the internet...
Love you,
Momma Mia

Zach said...

I got Guitar Hero, too! That game is a blast.