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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Game Time...almost

Today is preseason game #1 and we could not be more excited. Sofia's 18mo Bronco cheerleader outfit will last one more season. The last few weeks have been very, very busy for us so we are sorry for our blogging absence. My project's first phase of two is wrapping up as the teachers are back next week with the kido's coming back the following week. The last coats of paint are drying and and the classrooms look great. The teachers getting the four new classrooms sure are getting grief from the teachers without new furniture, new cabinets, new markerboards/tackboards, and large open ceilings. This soon will pass and all will be normal, fore sure (insert sarcasm).

Here are a few pictures of Sofia from her trip to MI last month. It was a hot and muggy typical July day in MI and Sofia's swimsuit just didn't quite make it on. The last picture is Maple's debut photo on Adventure's Out West. Maple is the McFalone's 7mo old golden retriever and is already as big as Layla.

Meghan has spent the last few weeks working furiously getting all the teacher's computers ready and updating software/hardware for the school. She has also been working with new contacts in the tech field that will be helping Meg with troubleshooting. Lastly, Meg has been updating and personalizing her new staff orientation and technology staff development for the upcoming year. She has the pre-semester jitters and stress related soreness, but is in good spirits for the new position. She has been brainstorming all summer on a video to open her first presentation to the entire staff. Here are the three videos she has created from a website which lets you subtitle "Bollywood" videos.
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Momma Mia said...

Can't believe it's time for football and back to school. Looking forward to watching Sofia's cheerleader moves. You are right, Chris, the pool pictures are strikingly similar to the ones of you on Katie's deck. Don't you think so Mom? Meg, I vote for the first video, sans the "nerd."
Momma Mia

Anonymous said...

The pictures of Sofia and Chris cheering would take the lead for me.
How eye catching!!

Second choice, the first video, we know dancing and donuts are winners!!!

Nude swimming is good ;^)

GPA said...

Good pictures and the video's were good also. Bronco season is definitely here! I think Sofia should tryout for a Bronco Cheerleader!

debbiemcfalone said...

Good to see ALL of you in all your glory! It's amazing that another fall is coming---Chris, we hope your school renovation project has turned out great! Meggie, we're thinking of you, and we know your school is lucky to have you in that new role.
Love you all,
Mom Debbie

LindseyandJaffer said...

love the photos and videos! hysterical!! glad you are all doing so well!

Rosen Rose said...

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