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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jonathan Michael Pennington

He is the man. Last August-ish sometime Penni and I bet which of our National Leauge MLB teams would go farther in the playoffs. I had the Rockies who were far far far out and Penni had the beloved but bumbling Cubbies. With a 21-22 run the Rockies won me the bet. Penni owed me a 6-pack of Kalamazoo's greatest micro brew (Bell's Oberon). Oddly enough, you can get this beer anywhere here in the micro brew capital of the world. After almost a year, the bet was finally paid off, with interest. Yes, he bought me Madden '09. The holy grail of video games. Thank you Penny for being the best man you always have been. So much for sleep tonight...Preppington Rocks!


Anonymous said...

congrats bro!

Mom said...

Long live the inner child in you!