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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Doin' It And Done

Tonight, I read Sofia a story, said goodnight and walked out of her room at 7:59 p.m. She has been crying off and on for 56 minutes. I haven't gone into her room. I know she is safe, not hungry, wet, or poopy. She's simply mad. She is starting to get tired - there are longer breaks of silence in between cries. I wonder if she is going to fall asleep in her bed or somewhere else in her room.

Better day. Better night. Thanks so much for all the prayers and support today. I felt everyone's love.
I went into her room at 9:00. 1 hour was long enough for me. I picked Sofia up, turned off all the lights and took her to the living room where we swayed to Diana Kroll's Christmas Album. Head on my shoulder, she was asleep by the end of the first song. She's a doll. ;)


Andrea said...

I LOVE Diana Krall's Christmas album. I can see why Sofia loves it too :)

Glad to hear yesterday went a little better. Hang in there!

Lindsey said...

Thinking of you and hoping that things continue to get better for you.

Daddio said...

That's my wife, way to go Meg. Tough love followed by sweet mommy goodness.