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Monday, December 22, 2008

Got Some Time?

A preview of our winter vacation...several showings of Sofia's new favorite movie: Tinkerbell. She especially likes to watch the movie wearing her fairy wings. :)

Thank HEAVEN for winter vacation! Last week, was so incredibly crazy for both Chris and I. Let's just put it this way: between my servers crashing at school and Chris's bid days, we were exhausted come Friday night. Despite the fatigue, Chris and I put on our holiday smiles and made an appearance...err, night out, at my school's holiday party. We were able to have a sitter come an watch Sofia and have a date night. It was a blast and such a fantastic way to kick off the holiday season. :) Now that we have some time off, I feel like I can make up for some of our lack of posting. In lieu of writing tons, I have put a few pictures and videos below. This should sum of the last few weeks of our lives.

Cookie time!

mmmmm. frosting.

Can't forget this spot!

He's bringin' sexy back. Yeah! All you sweater haters don't know how to act... (this year's ugly sweater contest winner at MYC)

The Many Faces of Little Missy

smooches at Chris's X-mas Party

Cheese! No seriously, pass the gouda.

Chris built us a beautiful new closet!

Sofia's A Genius!


Momma Mia said...

Fresh posts! Just what I needed. You two look SO handsome and happy on date night all dressed up, and Chris - love the sexy eyebrow! Sofia IS a genius! At this rate, she is going to have to skip pre-school and kindergarten and go right to 1st grade!

Momma Mia

GPA said...

Nice pictures! Make sure you leave the snow there - we have PLENTY!! Can't wait till Saturday to see all of you! Have a Merry Christmas tomorrow!

BrianandDebbie said...

So glad to see all of you again! Your party pics are precious, and Sofia doing her numbers was unbelievable! Can't wait to see you......Enjoy a wonderful celebration with friends tonight, and happy birthday tomorrow, Chris!
Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris! The pictures are wonderful and thank you for the update!
Aunt Connie
Safe travels for you three!

Anonymous said...

Did you do your hair at Chris' Christmas party? It looks fabulous!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Two Days to go!!! :) Love you and praying hard Sa

Anonymous said...

Just got back to reviewing the pics

Such fun times with bath time.
And Chris, you amaze me with the closet updo.Not like you have a workshop to use. Proud of you!!

love to you all.