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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Still Here

We're back in Denver, back at work and back into our routines. What's that mean??? There will be pictures and posts in the next few days and you can expect our regular dorky updates to catch up on all the missed blogging time. :) For now, this funny story will have to hold you over:

In the Greek language, Grandpa is pronounced Papou (pa-poo). Before heading to Michigan, Sofia and I worked on pronouncing everyone's names. She had them down pat! When we arrived to my Dad and Step-Mom's house, I pointed to Dad and asked, "Sofia, who is that over there?" She responded with a resounding, "Poo Poo!" This kid is nothing short of enthusiastic! :)


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Mary said...

Meg, we so appreciate your working with Sofia on learning our names. Although she doesn't voluntarily call me by name, when I hear her say "GPa" for David or I ask her who I am and she answers in her soft little voice, it melts my heart. :>)