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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Plight of the Double First Name

Let me just begin this post by saying those of you who have a double first name, I feel your pain. Here are just a few examples of the daily interactions I have with people regarding my name.

Hi. This message is for Daniel Meghan regarding your perscription...
I'm sorry. Who?

Hi. I'd like to make a payment over the phone please.
Sure. Name and account number please.
Meghan Daniel. xxx-xxx-xxxx
Thank you, Danielle. How can I be of service?
This happens much more often then you would believe. I seriously have no idea where this comes from.

Dear Mrs. Daniels,
Clearly, it is impossible that this person could have two first names! There MUST be an "s" on the end of her name!!

My absolute favorite is when we make dinner reservations under Chris's name. I at least have the gender clue when someone is looking at my name and then sees me. With Chris, it's a total crapshoot!

While it can be a bit obnoxious to have mispronouncings and misspellings, I have come to own the Daniel name over the years. I am proud to stick up for its originality and it's double-the-pleasure discussions it brings about. :)


Keckie said...

I totally understand... My maiden name was Seymour. Yep, Stephanie Seymour. Same problem, female first name and male first/last name. But, I too still treasure the name. When I got married I couldn't give it up so I made it my middle name. I am the last Seymour in family so it made my dad really happy that I kept it. Still, you wouldn't believe all the crazy names I get on my mail... *sigh*

Keckie said...

By the way... Did you happen to see the Sat. Night Live with Neil Patrick Harris. They did a whole sketch on the "two first names club." If I find it, I'll send you a link.

Andrea said...

I've never had the double first name problem. But let me tell ya...having "Cook" as a last name is so simple and sweet. I love it. :) Glad you love yours too! Good thing our men came with good last names!

GPA said...

Try "David Daniel" - no wonder I answer to anything!!