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Monday, January 19, 2009


It's hard to believe that it is already nearing the end of January. It feels like yesterday that we were heading to Michigan for Christmas. Life sure moves quickly, doesn't it? 

Many apologies for the lack of blog posting lately. Chris and I have been so busy with our jobs lately that our time in the evenings as a family has become increasingly precious. (I'll save our job craziness for another post.) Sofia finds a new way to make us laugh almost every day and she has caught onto her own antics. When she makes us laugh she'll walk away saying, "Sofia funny. Ha ha ha." 

Aside from her comedic abilities, Sofia has officially entered "Big Girl Status"! Yesterday she used her little mini-toilet not once but TWICE! We could not believe it! We clapped, praised and hugged and we could tell that Sofia was equally pleased with herself. She has clearly entered a phase of inner satisfaction. Hilarious! 

I have put a couple of slideshows from our Christmastime activities below. If they don't pop up on your screen, simply click on the space where the pictures should be showing up and a new window will open to play the show. 

Love to you all.  


Daddio said...

Nice videos Meg. And to think I was going to post each picture by itself...

Anonymous said...

What super pictures.......and a neat way to view them. I think the facial way to show "surprise" is just too funny.She is going to be on stage soon.

Congratulations on big girl panties..She is so clever, it won't take much effort. What a money saver too!!!

hugs for sharing.