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Monday, December 08, 2008


When Chris and I were dating, one of the things that I always loved about his courtship was his ability to surprise. He used to show up and surprise me in the strangest places...everywhere from the library at MSU to my house. Obviously, being married, it is a little hard to make an arrival unannounced. That is, until last Thursday night.

I had attended a Festival of Lights rehearsal at church and had just gotten Sofia into bed. It was about 9:30 and I was partaking in one of my SSB's (strictly single behaviors): standing in the corner of the kitchen, all lights out, typing on my computer. The phone rang - it was Chris.
Me: Hey!
C: Hey yourself.
Me: What are you up to?
C: Not much. Pretty bored, actually.
Idle chit chat followed.
C: Sigh. I need a hug.
Me: Yeah, me too.
C: Well, why don't you come down the stairs and give me one!
Me: WHAT?!?!?!?!

Chris was officially home! What a fun surprise! We stayed up late chatting, laughing and hugging. I felt like a school girl again. It was hilarious! Chris definitely earned some brownie points on that early, surprise arrival!

We had such a fun weekend to celebrate the end of Chris's project. On Friday, we met after work and picked up our Christmas tree. I met up with my girlfriends on Friday night to attend the Santa Fe Art Walk downtown (a really cool opening of galleries with wine, cheese, music - all free!) and have a late dinner. Chris enjoyed his Daddy-Sofia time and when I came home was snuggled in bed with her. They had both fallen asleep during storytime. So cute!

Saturday, we got up to decorate our Christmas tree and have some much needed family time. We played Christmas music all morning long and spirited up the house. So fun! Around 4, it was time to leave. Matt and Stacey offered to watch Sofia overnight so that we could attend Chris's company Christmas party and stay at the hotel where it was being hosted. It was the first time we had ever handed Sofia off for an entire night with dinner and breakfast being taken care of by someone else. We were nervous, but ready. :) The party was great! We, of course, forgot our camera, but managed to get one photo from my phone. As soon as we get more from friends, we'll be sure to post. We felt like such grown-ups, enjoying great food, great company and staying up late. Blackjack and poker followed the dinner party making it so we didn't make our way back to our room until 3 a.m.!

The next morning, we couldn't wait to see Sofia. We gathered our stuff and were out of hotel by 8:25. :) We picked up Sofia and had a nice, relaxing Sunday. She was such a doll all day: snuggly, calm, and loving. She even went to bed without a peep!

Those should have been clues...I am sitting at home with her now. Sofia woke up this morning with a temp of 1o1 and tugging at her ears. :( She has a doctor's appointment in just a few hours, so we should get all squared away. Poor baby!!

That's all for now. Long post, but definitely one of the best weekends we've had in months. We're so happy to have Chris home now. :) We will certainly cherish this holiday season in a whole new way.


Andrea said...

I'm so glad your little family is back together again! Though I'm sure the time apart was tough, it sounds so refreshing for your marriage and family life, though!

BrianandDebbie said...

So glad you had such a good week-end----and we're proud of Chris for getting the project finished well!
Love your party picture! Take good care of little Missy......maybe Santa could bring her new ears????
Brian and Mom

Anonymous said...

What a HO HO moment!

Glad that you are all together again.

Chris must have been so excited as he planned his surprise.

Debbie is right about the party picture.

Now, Let the good times roll.......


GPA said...