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Thursday, January 31, 2008

What a difference a decade makes...

Ten years ago today, Meg and I went on our first date. We went and saw a scary movie, (now Meg doesn't even think about watching them) and went to one of our old favorite places, T.G.I. Friday's! It still remains one of the most magical nights of my life. (It was also our first kiss!) Thank you, Meg for 10 great years filled with love, growth, memories, and laughter. Thank you for making me a better man, husband, and father. May God bless us many more for many more years! Love always and forever...I love this picture with Sofia's hair looking so fine and so long! She likes to put her socks on her hands. What a stinker...get it?...stinker...sock...

Sofia is teething right now and is being a very fussy eater. Tonight she just wanted to eat her cheesy potatos and vegetables on her own! I think she got as much around her mouth and on her hands as she did in her mouth. I love my beautiful daughter! What a character...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Next American Idol?

Music has always been a big part of our lives. It looks like it will be for Sofia too...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Watch Out Martha Stewart!

Okay, everyone knows that Chris is the cook in the family. I love that about him. He takes such good care of Sofia and I in the food department. :) On a rare, and I mean RARE occassion, you can find me in the kitchen putting a meal together. The thing about me and cooking is that I just am not a fan of putting lots of different foods together to make a meal. It is just too many types of food. Let's be honest - I don't even like my food on my plate to touch! I would much rather just make a tasty treat - pie, cake, monkey break - you know all the stuff that is terribly bad for you.

Every Thursday morning, I meet two of my good friends that I work with for coffee and breakfast. It allows us to have an hour once a week to catch up, vent, laugh, and escape. It is the easiest day of the week to get up. :) This week, it is my turn to bring a bite to eat and all I could think about was chocolate chips on my way home from work tonight. I got a taste in my mouth for scones and called my step-mom for her recipe (best scones in the WORLD!). I realized too late, however, that I was missing a key ingredient and couldn't make them. I was bummed. So, I jumped on my favorite search engine and typed in "chocolate chip recipes" and voila! Chocolate chip muffins....FROM SCRATCH!


I know your mouth is watering....


I burned my thumb as I pulled the muffin tin out of the oven. Serves me right for gloating.

Monday, January 21, 2008

So Proud

I am so proud of my hubby. :) He just found out that he is being sent to Arkansas on Thursday for a conference to be trained on storm water management. As a nerd myself, I even have to admit it is kind of a dorky subject to spend two days on. Regardless, I am still excited that his employers are asking him to learn new things so that he can take on new responsibilities. He works so hard and is deserving of every good thing that comes his way!! Good job, Love!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Moment to Remember

Many apologies for the hiatus.

The last two weeks have taken us by storm. Chris has been working at his office estimating on multiple projects (almost 20 million dollars worth in January alone!) and I went back to school to finish off first semester. Extra long work days for both of us meant precious family time when we got home. By the time Sofia went to bed, we either zonked out ourselves or took a deep breath to get a second wind and get back to work.

But we are done. Grades are in. The semester is over. Chris is half way through the month of bids. There is officially a light at the end of the tunnel for him and I have a long weekend due to MLK, Jr. Day.

Despite our busy and stressful schedules, we continually find ourselves caught in priceless moments with Sofia. I never imagined that a child's smile, laugh, hug, kiss or gaze could make even the worst moments melt away. She is such a blessing! We often tell her she is a "good girl". As we drove around running errands today, we heard a sweet little voice, with perfect inflection, from the back seat, "goo gir, goo gir"! We immediately realized what she was trying to say. After laughing hysterically and confirming that our child is definitely a genius, we then dreamed about what her first "real" words are going to be. Chris thinks "Jack, no!" (no explanation necessary). I think "pineapple" (it tastes good and is a funny word).

For now, here are a few shots and laughs from the past few weeks.
Sofia found her swimsuit and put it on herself! Paisley and polka dots are a perfect match!
After playing with her blocks, Sofia got her tool belt and headed for the pipes under the sink.

How we play. :)

Friday, January 18, 2008


I swear, we haven't dropped off the face of the Earth. It's been a busy couple of weeks and a lot has been happening in our little home out west. We will give a full update this weekend.

Love to you all! :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Looking Back

Yes, yes, I know...we haven't posted in over a week. Many apologies for our cyber-absence. But, we're back in full force for a fabulous year in 2008! Before we move forward however, Chris and I wanted to stop and take one last look into 2007. It was a year filled with many firsts for Sofia, friends, family, adventure and love. Enjoy!

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