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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Playdoh Play

Yesterday, Sofia and I had quite a bit of quality time together. It was so fun! We read, played, chased each other and the animals and then sat down for some serious Playdoh sculpting. It's rare that I can catch Sofia on camera in a chatty mood, so while this video isn't exactly her performing tricks (as my friend Andrea says), it is an example of how we play AND learn. This particular play session, we were working on colors. Hang tight for the's the cutest part! ;) 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Plight of the Double First Name

Let me just begin this post by saying those of you who have a double first name, I feel your pain. Here are just a few examples of the daily interactions I have with people regarding my name.

Hi. This message is for Daniel Meghan regarding your perscription...
I'm sorry. Who?

Hi. I'd like to make a payment over the phone please.
Sure. Name and account number please.
Meghan Daniel. xxx-xxx-xxxx
Thank you, Danielle. How can I be of service?
This happens much more often then you would believe. I seriously have no idea where this comes from.

Dear Mrs. Daniels,
Clearly, it is impossible that this person could have two first names! There MUST be an "s" on the end of her name!!

My absolute favorite is when we make dinner reservations under Chris's name. I at least have the gender clue when someone is looking at my name and then sees me. With Chris, it's a total crapshoot!

While it can be a bit obnoxious to have mispronouncings and misspellings, I have come to own the Daniel name over the years. I am proud to stick up for its originality and it's double-the-pleasure discussions it brings about. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Love Note

Dear Chris,
I don't tell you enough how much I love you. I don't tell you enough how proud I am of your achievements at work. I don't tell you enough how much of an amazing father you nor the husband you continually are to me. The thing is, even if I told you every day, it still wouldn't be enough. There are not enough words in this world to communicate with you just how much I admire, love and respect all that you do, all that you are and all that you aspire to be. 

Even after nearly 11 years, loving you is still easy. 

As we used to say,


With a kiss goodnight, I left Sofia's room about 7:30 tonight. At about 8:15, I heard her music player turn back on, some mumbling and her dim light showing beneath her door. 

I snuck into the bathroom adjoining her bedroom to spy...

Moon! Sun! Boat! Fia. Fia. Fia. Oh my! 

One, two, tree, fo-wer, fries

Bear Bear shhhh. Fia seeping!

I couldn't help but start laughing. She heard me through the door and called my name. I opened the door to find that she had arranged all her stuffed animals and fluffed her pink blanket so that she could read I See The Moon and The Moon Sees Me to them. 

The book talks about a little girl (who looks like Sofia) who rides on a boat through the night and into the day, her path led by God to keep her safe. Each time we read it, we count the stars and we end with "Look, the little girl is sleeping. Shhhhhh." 

My heart melted. I tucked her back in and she fell asleep not two minutes later. ;)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a Day

We gathered together in our small conference room in the main office. There were maybe 10 of us. Each of us sat quietly, intently focused on the television. History was being made and we were witness to it all.  Not a breath or sound - just a single tear and smile from most in the room. It was as if the world stopped for a brief moment as we welcomed a new president into office.

I will never, ever forget this day. 

Monday, January 19, 2009


It's hard to believe that it is already nearing the end of January. It feels like yesterday that we were heading to Michigan for Christmas. Life sure moves quickly, doesn't it? 

Many apologies for the lack of blog posting lately. Chris and I have been so busy with our jobs lately that our time in the evenings as a family has become increasingly precious. (I'll save our job craziness for another post.) Sofia finds a new way to make us laugh almost every day and she has caught onto her own antics. When she makes us laugh she'll walk away saying, "Sofia funny. Ha ha ha." 

Aside from her comedic abilities, Sofia has officially entered "Big Girl Status"! Yesterday she used her little mini-toilet not once but TWICE! We could not believe it! We clapped, praised and hugged and we could tell that Sofia was equally pleased with herself. She has clearly entered a phase of inner satisfaction. Hilarious! 

I have put a couple of slideshows from our Christmastime activities below. If they don't pop up on your screen, simply click on the space where the pictures should be showing up and a new window will open to play the show. 

Love to you all.  

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Still Here

We're back in Denver, back at work and back into our routines. What's that mean??? There will be pictures and posts in the next few days and you can expect our regular dorky updates to catch up on all the missed blogging time. :) For now, this funny story will have to hold you over:

In the Greek language, Grandpa is pronounced Papou (pa-poo). Before heading to Michigan, Sofia and I worked on pronouncing everyone's names. She had them down pat! When we arrived to my Dad and Step-Mom's house, I pointed to Dad and asked, "Sofia, who is that over there?" She responded with a resounding, "Poo Poo!" This kid is nothing short of enthusiastic! :)