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Thursday, March 08, 2012


I've learned a valuable lesson this week: I can't do it all. Well, duh. I knew this, but putting it into practice seems much more difficult that it would seem.

This is always a super, crazy time of year. Next week is the week our school takes the state's standardized test. It's also the week that, upon completion of 4 days of testing, we have a school-wide assembly for students and staff to play, laugh and blow off some steam. For the last several years, I've viewed this week as "Assembly Week" instead of "Test Week". (Don't worry, when I admitted this sheepishly to my principal a few weeks ago, he chuckled.) This year, I am still in charge of the assemblies and there's been an added extra day!

5 assemblies in 5 days for 900 kids. Oh yeah, and I'm back in the classroom full time. I needed help.

I assembled a group of teachers to create a planning committee and boy, have they ever been amazing! They are full of ideas, help and most importantly, willingness to take on jobs and responsibilities.

This week has been tremendously stressful but I can't even imagine what it would have been like without the help of my co-workers. I am unbelievably grateful for them!

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