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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Half Pipe Here I Come!

Gotta love being a teacher and the long weekends that come along with it...

Chris and I have had the greatest weekend! At the lovely gesture of some of our friends, we were able to stay up in the mountains for the weekend and get 2 solid days on the slopes in. Day 1 was at Keystone and Day 2 was at Vail. Due to a cold snap in the city, most of the city slickers stayed bundled up in their homes and left the slopes WIDE open! It was amazing! Chris was so patient with me as I worked on my snowboarding techniques. I still can't keep up with him all the time, but soon enough...soon enough...:)

On a funny note, I have elected to NOT wear a hat anymore when I snowboard. Why? You ask? Let's just say when I heard a father tell his daugher, "Just let this 'sir' pass you" referring to MOI, that I decided that maybe I needed to let my ponytail show.

In other news, we got quite the kick in the pants this past week when we recieved a letter reminding us that our lease will be up on the 30th of April. It's hard to believe we have already been here nearly a year. That means the house hunt has officially been kicked into high gear! Keep your fingers crossed that we find our first home with ease and good spirits.


Anonymous said...

Meg-a-roo - I can't believe it! You look awesome on your board!!! Hopefully we will be seeing you soon in Vancouver in 2010!!!! - Fuego

Momma Mia said...

Meghan, I'm sure you will be showing us your Olympic gold medal form next winter!

We are wishing you the best of luck on the house hunting, kids. Dad and I didn't win any money in Vegas :>(, but we still have plenty of energy left for getting that first home ship shape.