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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oh, The Things Kids Say!

After jumping around my room and raising my voice in excitement as I talked about the nervous system today with my students, an interesting thing happened. When I asked, "Are there any questions?" one student rose his hand and said, "Are you going to have children some day?"
"Well, yeah, someday."
"Um, Mrs. Daniel. I feel really sorry for you."
I proceeded to ask, "Why?"
"Well, you always have a lot of energy and from what you have told us, so does your husband."
"Okay?..." I said not understanding where he was going.
"You see, it's just that, well, I feel bad for you because if your children are anything like you, you are DEFINITELY going to have your work cut out for you!"

Ahh, the things kids will say....

The question is, is this student right?


Anonymous said...

Connie says that the student is not right. It just means that you will have enough energy to take care of any children that you have. Good gracious! You are young and I am so grateful that you show it. I would think that a room full of students is probably pretty equal to some children we know. He was just trying to get a rise out of you maybe. Guess he did?

Anonymous said...

Lucky for the baby (babies), you and Chris will be able to sing to them. Works every time!

It will be fine!


Mom said...

Lots of energy is a VERY good thing! Keeps you from being a boring person, that's for sure---the secret is to balance your energy for other people and your energy for yourself. That's the life-long journey, huh?
Much love from your hi-octane Mom :-)

Anonymous said...

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