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Saturday, February 11, 2006

"High-light" of my ski season

You guys, I did something today that I am amazed and pretty proud of. I skied the highest ski lift in all of North America! It's peak is located at 12,840 ft above sea level. This Heaven scratching lift is called the Imperial Express SuperChair and is atop Peak 8 at Breckenridge. It was at a minimum -20 degrees at the top of this slope today, as the wind was in high gear. My ski buddy Matt and I skied all over the black-diamonds on this lift and ski lift #6. It was really cold but the sun was shining and the sky was crystal clear. Check out this web-link below for a map of Breckenridge and the location of the Imperial Express SuperChair. You may have to copy and paste this link until my blog editor fixes the link or I can add the picture. Love you all and please leave comments. Meg and I love it and really appreciate it. Love you all! Chris


Mom said...

Chris, I can't believe you did that! I marvel each time we hear from you guys about how well suited you are to Denver, and I can see why you love it. Sounded like a beautiful time, and I'm so glad you're having a blast!
Love you lots and lots,
Momma Debbie

Anonymous said...

I thought watching sking in Italy made my knees hurt but knowing my dear one is wild, really mades me shudder!!

Do take care while you are having such a great time.


Momma Mia said...

Wish I could be a little birdie flying over your shoulder, watching you rhythmically glide, hearing the snow crunch, feeling the crisp air, seeing the snow spray, sharing your joy, remembering your first greens, then blues, then blacks. Maybe this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Looks like all those week-ends your folks spent with you at Mulligan's Hollow Ski Bowl in Grand Haven have paid off! Get'em!

Anonymous said...

question for Momma Mia...

Would "green, blue then black"
be bruises??