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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Scream, You Scream...

Well, the last two days of Mrs. D's science class have been spent shakin' bags like polaroid pictures. We've been making ice cream! Ice cream in chemistry, you ask? Of course! It's been tons of sticky, cold, obnoxious fun. With this being the last week of "official" classes, I wanted to bring as much real world science into the classroom that the kids could really get their hands on . While they are mad that they still have to work their smiles tell me that maybe class hasn't been that bad.

Tomorrow and Friday: Return of Operation Protecting Humpty Dumpty (a.k.a. the egg drop contest). Should be fun and wild as usual.

In other news, we had a great weekend with our friends, Kamron and Nicole, from Michigan. While their visit was much too short, we managed to pack in a TON of activities. Between an evening of the Pistons at ESPN Zone, walking along the 16th Street Mall, laughing at the never-ending entertainment of the prairrie dogs across from our house, and an entourage of comics at Comedy Works, it was a great time spent with good friends. Hopefully it won't be the last of their visits!

Yesterday was the latest of many check-ups at the doctor's office. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat again. This time, it was found much faster and it was really loud. It was cool. :) We also had a good laugh because despite the massive amounts of food shoveling into my face (i.e. like 6 meals a day!), I have only gained 5 pounds! My nurse practioner was asking all kinds of questions about my diet while Chris just cracked up in the background. She said it was okay, but I am about 6 pounds underweight. Time to eat up some more, I guess!

Anyway, with school rapidly coming to a close, it means that our day trip to Elitches Six Flags is approaching as well. Monday equals 10 hours of an entire district of 8th graders running and screaming around a theme park. Thank God for the wave pool and large umbrellas! It will be fun, I'm sure and a great way to end out the year. After that, just a few days before I embark on the big trip back to Michigan!

More tales from the wild world of Denver soon. Love to all!

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Pickles said...

Good luck on the last week of school sis...can't wait so see you soon!!! Lots of love..