Meg's (Ad)Ventures

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A turn for the better

My amazing sweet wife has finally taken a turn for the better this week. Her nausea has left and has now been replaced with a hunger like no other. I remember taking Meg to Charlie's Crab on a high school dance dinner and thought she was going to eat my arm because she was soooooooo hungry. She ordered a $50 dinner, ate like 1/4 of the dish, and then almost fell asleep from being so full. Oh how things are different now. Now we have breakfast, brunch, lunch, lun-inner, dinner, and snacks between. It is so cute. Meg is really good at eating all the healthy things and getting all of the specified nutrients and vitamins. I can no longer pick off of her plate, which for me is a good thing. As I am trying to shrink my appetite (so there is only one belly in the family) I almost asked Meg if she wanted to split dinners when we go out to eat. What a crazy thought that has become now that she eats more than me.


Anonymous said...

I have almost worn out the curser checking for reports of Ultra-sound visit to DR. The pictures will come......

Glad Meg is feeling better.and is eating healthy. Good Girl!

We went shopping today and got plants for the deck.Also had our first "mowing" of the lawn.

Love to you all

Mom said...

I'm so glad the morning (and noon and night) sickness is a thing of the past! Hope Meg is able to feel not quite so tired,either, but we're glad she's taking good care of herself and the Least One.
Love to all three of you,

TKP said...

Chris and Meg:

Keep posting the pics! Can't wait to the Butterball version of Meg (hahaha!). Just kidding. Keep eating healthy...tofu is a must.

Your vegetarian friend,
Auntie TKP