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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beer Anyone?

Hey, I take lots of time writing and even more time proof reading my poor spelling and I don't even get a comment from anyone? Not even from my beer buddies and not even from the folks? Either somnething else of importances is on his way fo people are stuck looking at my beautifyul wife! Anyway, its a good blog, check it out below...


Anonymous said...

Actually, we were all laughing too hard at the beer festival post because your life will be very different when the baby arrives. Be ready!

Anonymous said...


Mom and Dad said...

Sweetie, Dad and I did read and enjoy your nicely detailed and carefully spelled descriptions of the Fest. Unfortunately, timing is everything, and before we could write and say how proud we are of all you have learned (!), the next blog with pictures was posted and stole our attention away.

Anonymous said...

Yep, she stole the show with her modeling.

I was getting ready to practice sipping beer.

Like, in training.

Head of nursing home not helping me get my hands on a "brew"