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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Livin' Large...Literally

Oh the joys of pregnancy. 34 weeks and 5 days (That's just over 8 and 1/2 months for those of you who don't feel like counting.). It feels like just yesterday that we found out we were going to having a bouncing bundle of joy. Who am I kidding...It feels like 34 weeks and 5 days. :) As we embark on these last few weeks, I can't help but laugh at some of the odd things that have taken place. Here's just a small glimpse into what life has been like lately...

1) Cravings have become a little bit more frequent. They are odd though - I don't want certain foods at specific moments. It is more of a subconscious thing. For instance, I went to the grocery store to buy food to make for meals during the week. Some of the items I came home with were two boxes of cookies, brownie mix, ice cream, carmel and fudge sauces, cream cheese and 4 kinds of cereal. What I DIDN'T get: bagels to put the cream cheese on, meat or other mealtime substantials. I am not so sure I should be the one who does the shopping for a while.

2) I officially have lost my ankles and wrists. Where did they go? The wacky world of swelling has morphed the boniest parts of my body into pudgy stubs with no resemblence of their former life.

3) Huge blue wrist braces for carpel tunnel are definintely humbling. While, I am surely ready for roller blading at any time with these beasts on, they are seriously dorky. I can't even BEGIN to describe the hilarious comments that people have said to me at school. An added bonus: they're ambidextrous for those days that I really get swiss cheese brain!

4) I thought I would be at least 80 before my husband had to help me out of bed. Nope! 26 is the magic number! I can no longer roll out of bed on my own. With his hands on my derriere, he gives a little shove and it's off to the races. :) Does OXO make a human spatula?

5) I have always been known for creating lists of things to do, but 4 1/2 weeks before a child is coming into this world, my to-do list is RIDICULOUS! Anxious doesn't even scratch the surface for how excited we are but how insanely detailed in our to-do items for the next few weeks are.

6) Instead of Saturday afternoon college football games, we go to birthing classes and watch videos with couples from the '80's. While they are super informative and we love what we are learning, is it really necessary that we be subjected to not only outdated clothes but the moaning too? Just the hairstyles along make the movies scary!

7)The baby has dropped and as a result, my hugely expanded wardrobe of just a few weeks ago has dramatically dwindled once again. It's amazine how a simple shift in this bowling ball physique of mine causes only a few items of clothing to fit. Chris's sweatshirts and t-shirts have proved for excellent substitutes.

8) We are fantasy football addicts! I admit it, I completely made fun of Chris last year for being involved in a fantasy league, so I have definintely eaten some crow for joining my own league this year. However, Sunday mornings we sit together and get giddy over what quarterback or tight end to put on our rosters to earn the most points. We eagerly watch our stattrackers during the games and get excited over 10th's of points earned. It has been a great way to learn about football, but when it comes down to it.....IT'S FANTASY FOOTBALL! Yes, official dorkdom has been reached.


DD said...

You look so good!!!!!! You would not know you are expecting if your stomach wasn't sticking out! You are in such GREAT SHAPE!! Go have some pizza, fried food, mashed potatoes, DD's Biscuits & Gravy, ice cream and some real butter and look like an expecting mother should!
p.s. very proud and happy for you two!!!

Momma Mia said...

Nice illustrations and essay, Meg. Blogging is the best! Hang in there!

Mom said...

Meggie, I'm so glad to see what you look like right now! You look healthy and just right for the new role of Mommy-hood.....and your sense of humor will see you thru the rough times, sweetie.
Love you lots and lots-----and tell Chris to take it easy with your derriere!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing........
The pictures tell it all

We are so "into you"

Gentle hugs.