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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Welcome to the world, Sofia Kathleen Daniel

Welcome to the world my sweet princess. You are a beautiful 5lb-15oz baby girl whose 18-3/4" stature will change the world. Your gorgeous brown hair and starry eyes will stun everyone who gazes upon you. Your parents, family, and friends will care and look over you with endless, unconditional love. We will do our best to make this world a better place for you, so you may grow in health, happiness, and love. This world is a wondrous place filled with people doing wonderful things. May you choose your own path of greatness, and know that your mother and I will always be behind you, supporting you at every fork in the road. May you choose the road less traveled, and show us all the way. Welcome to the world my sweet princess.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Sofia!!!! We are SOOOOO happy to hear you arrived safely. Meg & Chris, thanks for keeping us updated. The midnight call of her arrival was the best call to get. :) Take care. We love you all.
Tom & Andrea

Mom said...

What an adorable sweetheart! I can't wait to meet her tomorrow----Brian and Kristen are jealous! We're so glad she's here, she's well, and you all are on to a wonderful new beginning. May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Much love,

Aunt Judes/Unkie Bill said...

Hurray and YAHOO!! Welcome precious baby Sofia!! We are so glad you are here,healthy and in the loving arms of those who will be the very best parents for you...with the exception of your grandparents and GREAT Aunt and Uncle!! LOVE YOU ALL LOTS, Uncle Bill and Aunt Judy

Anonymous said...

Yayyyy!!!! Congratulations! I'm so excited to officially be Aunt Pickles. I also hear that Walker wants to be called Uncle Tooty (who'da thought!)I can't wait to meet the little angel and we are so proud to have a new member of the family! Keep the pictures coming!
Love you lots and lots,

TKP said...

Welcome to the world Sweet Sofia, and congratulations to your amazing Mom and Dad!!! We've long awaited your arrival. Since your name is the Greek word for "wisdom," may you some day shine your knowledge onto the world, just like your scholarly parents :)

Mom and Dad said...

What a wonderful world!!! We are grateful everyone is doing so well and that Sofia is finally, finally here. Chris, you made me cry with the phrase "your mother and I" in the blog. Like the first time a little child hollered "Chris' mommy is here!" when I picked you up from the sitter's house. Can't wait to hold her and hear baby sounds.
Mom and Dad

James said...

Congratulations! Sofia has some pretty special parents,as do her parents have a very special gift in Sofia. Grampa DD called last night to let me know you went in,and confirmed new arrival this AM.Good Luck and may God bless you all.


Aunt Lindsey said...

ahhhh!!! Hearing those baby noises last night sent me into tears after we hung up last night! So happy for you and thanks for putting up pictures so quickly! Jaffer sends his best wishes and says that the pair of lungs she displayed during her checkup was just like her aunt lindsey! : )

Can't wait to meet her!

the vanderwoude's said...

Congrats! What a precious little girl! We are so happy for you all. Best wishes and may God continue to bless your new family.

kevin,lindsey, koby & kyan vanderwoude

woody's kids ;)

Tracey Grant said...

Welcome Sofia! We're so glad you're here! Meg and Chris, she's beautiful. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Meg & Chris on your wonderful arrival. You're both amazing people, so I know with certainty that you are going to be amazing parents. Welcome Sofia! You are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents (Keep this blog posting for when she's a teenager & needs reminding of that!) I can't wait to meet you!
Congrats & Good luck on this incredible journey! Love & miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, that was your scatter-brained teacher buddy that just posted a message wtihout logging in. Can you tell conferences are tomorrow. Yikes, better get busy. Take care! Cori

Anonymous said...

Congrats you "three". I am so very happy for you. I can hardly wait to see Sofia the next time you are in good old GR.
Baby Blessings.
Wendy Clark

Anonymous said...

CONNGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you both. She is just lovely. I cannot wait to meet her. Hope you both are doing well. We are thinking of you and missing you already. The kids were really excited to hear the big news today. We all thought for sure she was going to be a boy.

Aunt Karey/Tommy said...

Bless all of you and even this blog for giving her picture for us to see! We are so happy for your wonderful family. Rest up, and hang on to your hats for the best is yet to come!

Aunt Karey, Tommy and the VA gang.

The Reynolds Family said...

Welcome Sofia! We are very happy for everyone. Plus, the pictures are beautiful! We hope that Mommy and Daddy are both doing well too. (Meg - I hope the delivery was okay!) We can't wait to meet her.

Billy, Julia, and Liam :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all of you! Sofia is very lucky to have such wonderful parents.

Tim and Linda Sarber

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Meg and Chris! Sofia is so beautiful! Best Wishes!
Kelly Cook

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Welcome Sofia, you have two very proud parents and a world wide web full of onlookers! We can't wait to meet you!

Kim & Peggy

GDD said...

Great pictures!! I am soooo happy for you two and you have no idea how proud I am!! Thanksgiving can't get here quick enough!! Know that I have more love for you two, and now Sofia, than you can imagine!! I am one PROUD Grandpa!!

DD, or should I sign now as GDD!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to two very special people and now there are 3! We are so excited for you and are looking forward to all of those wonderful pics that will be on your blog. You both look incredibly happy and I am sure that your night was one special experience. We love you.
Aunt Connie, Uncle Roger, David and of course Mama Jane

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both. She is so precious! Take care of your new wonderful family and we will see you soon!-Tami Sherburne

Anonymous said...

Meg, Chris and Sofia - Welcome! I am so happy for you guys that all went well and that all three are happy and healthy!!!!!! I can't wait to meet the new member of the Daniel clan!!!!!! - Christie

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and happy family you are and will be!
By the way I love your journaling. What fun reflections throughout your journey.
Can't wait to meet her.
Hugs Carolyn

Anonymous said...

I loved the foot picture you sent me!! crack me up- She's beautiful! Counting down the days until we can meet her. Hopefully you got our little package through your fabulous mom!!
Love Brad and Sa

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful words brought tears to my eyes! I am sooooo happy for you two...she is beautiful. What is she doing in 15 years?? Caden will need a date for the prom :)
Love, Tess

Anonymous said...

Grandma Katie here at last!!

Couldn't stay in the hospital one more day knowing pitures of SOfia Kathleen were on the laptop at home.


I could rock her day and might.

Blessings on your little family.

psI had lunch at the table this noon. Getting better fast.

Hugs to you all.

Anonymous said...

Yip, Yip, Yippeee! Congrats