Meg's (Ad)Ventures

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sweet Nothings

I truly am the luckiest woman in the world.

On Thursday afternoon, Chris left for Michigan to attend the wedding our our very good friends, Kamran and Nicole Ismail and spend time with his familiy. I was incredibly bummed that I couldn't go due to being too pregnant to fly.

Enter best husband in the world.

After two long nights of parent teacher conferences, I got home late Thursday night to find not one, not two, but nearly TWENTY hidden love notes around the house to let me know how much Chris loved the baby and I while he was gone! It has definintely made his time away more bearable - especially because I have been laid up on the couch for most of the weekend with a horendous cold.

Needless to say, I am so excited that he is coming home tonight and we can hang out and catch up. Our first birthing class began yesterday, so I have a lot of teaching to do on the subject of breathing through contractions! :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Laws of Gravity

We all remember the days of hanging upside down on the monkey bars on the playground, doing handstands and being held upside down by an older sibling/relative. Good times, yes, but the feeling of blood rushing to your head is one that will never be forgotten.

Today, the doctor told me that the baby has "flipped" and already has it's head in the downward position. So what's the deal? Do the laws of gravitational force not apply in utero? Why would any creature want to be upside down for such a long period of time? I mean, I still have WEEKS to go before this kid comes out! It just can't be comfortable and my scientific brain cannot wrap itself around this wacky concept.

I should totally be grading, but contemplating Newtonian physics is way more entertaining.

Chris's response to my thoughts: "You are such a dork."

Takes one to know one. :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Quite The Week

When it rains, it pours. This has been quite the week in the Daniel household.

It began with both of us having insanely busy weeks at work. No big deal. We're both used to that. What we didn't anticipate was Chris's one-year old truck to get stuck on the highway because it wouldn't shift into gear, a $1900 price tag to fix it, my blood pressure to spike to 150/90, my doctor telling me to wear wrist braces 24/7 due to severe carpel tunnel as well as finding out there is a good chance I won't go full term. Let's just put it this way - we were both really glad when the weekend arrived! :)

Despite the craziness that the week entertained us with, we did have a few great moments. Last weekend, we picked up the final piece of furniture for the nursery. It is a beautiful gliding rocking chair that was a gift from my step-mom, step-grandma and step-aunt. We are SO incredibly lucky to have such a caring and supporting family as we embark on a new life with a little one! :) THANK YOU Rose, Fran and Rene!!!

Like a first grader who got her first 100% on a spelling test, I hung an accomplishment on the refrigerator too! My Master's diploma arrived on Wednesday and it is proudly hung right on the refrigerator! Chris and I laughed so hard at the lameness and simplicity of the action. Let's face it though, is there really a better place to hang up one's best work?

With my diploma posted, I also received a copy of my transcripts which I promptly sent to our HR department. Next week's monthly paycheck is going to ROCK with the pay raise that will come along with the completion of my degree!

That's it for now. Chris is at the Broncos game today with some work buddies and I am working on some long-term lesson plans with my feet up on the couch. I'm sure Chris will have tons to talk about after the game.:)

More soon. Prego out.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Birthday Fun

Yes, it's true. The national holiday has come and gone. What national holiday, you ask? My birthday, of course! :) 26. Twenty-six. T-W-E-N-T-Y-S-I-X. Geez. My sister called to wish my a happy birthday recalling how it seemed just like yesterday that I turned 16 and got a cute little car. That thought was followed by, "Oh my gosh, that was 10 years ago!" I was proud to see that Kristen's math skills were at work.

Anyway, despite the momentary struggle with passing over a quarter of a century, my birthday truly was a fabulous day. My students sang to me, friends brought me breakfast, my husband and friends organized dinner and Chris booked an AMAZING prenatal massage for me this morning as my gift. It was great! I feel so lucky to have so many people in my life who are so caring.

The restaurant we went to last night was called Tamayo. We have wanted to go there forever, so it was great to go on such a special night. The restaurant specializes in modern Mexican cuisine - basically REALLY good Mexican food that is pretty too! :) Octoberfest was also going on right outside on the block surrounding the restaurant which provided for a fun stroll after dinner was complete.

Thanks again for all the cards and phone messages! I feel truly loved!!

Here are a few pics from last night's dinner with Matt, Stacey, Dawn, Chris and I. Enjoy!


Our friends, Matt and Stacey at Tamayo for dinner.

Our friend, Dawn. She and I teach together. Her birthday is tomorrow. Virgo power!

Chris and I at Tamayo. Good food and great company!

Matt, Stacey and Chris enjoying the sites, smells, tastes and sounds of Octoberfest. :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It's 3:47 a.m. I've been awake for hours. What is it that people think about at this hour of the morning? Let me tell you!

1) How is it that a ceiling fan can spin so fast and not make any noise? The laws of mechanics and physics amaze me.

2) The seemingly immortal Steve Irwin has passed away. The conservationist and zoological community has lost a major player and it is incredibly sad.

3) Parents. This weekend I received an email from a parent whos child clearly exaggerated and twisted a conversation that we had on Friday thus leading to a blind-siding blow to my intensions to watch out for the amount of homework she had. When did teachers become the wrongdoers in every situation without being given any thought or benefit of the doubt to what might have ACTUALLY have taken place?

4) Parents. Am I going to be that way?

5) My husband works so hard. Day in and day out he pulls himself out of bed before 5 a.m. and gets in his truck for a 50 minute drive to his jobsite where he works hard all day and often leaves after everyone else is gone. He gets home after days like this and then only wants to take care of me. His drive an ambition are inspiring. I love him beyond imagine.

6) Like a 5 year old sleeping without her blanky for the first time, I miss my mom. Yup, it's true. I'm not sure if it's the point I'm at in pregnancy, the flu/moldy fruit I've been dealing with the past few days, or if I just plain miss her. But, I do.

7) I turn 26 on Friday. I have passed and waved good-bye to a quarter century. Is this the point where people start to feel old?

8) I should not have this much going on in my head at 4:00 in the morning! SLEEP MEGHAN!!