Meg's (Ad)Ventures

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A IS for Adorable!

Daddy is up at Vail skiing today with the boys. What does that mean??? Girls day! Sofia and I had a lovely morning with some of my girlfriends at a great restaurant called Lola's downtown and then it was time for pictures. :) P.S. Snowboarding was GREAT yesterday!!..of course we forgot the camera!


David and Mary said...

She is sooo adorable in her jean skirt. Thanks for posting those pics. We miss you guys.
Isn't Spring Skiing the best! Specially in new hot skiis!
Looking forward to seeing you and your little sidekick during your visit in a couple of weeks, Meg.


Anonymous said...

I love her pink cheeks and little pink lips!!! :)Can't wait to see you guys. love, Andrea

Daddio said...

My daughter is the cutest!

Mom and Brian said...

Sofia is obviously a fashion diva!!! She truly has all the right instincts for style and grace-----must be from her Mom!
Loved the pictures....looking forward to seeing you in person soon.
Much love,
Mom and Brian

TKP said...

I audibly squealed with delight when I saw lil' miss thang in her jean skirt!!! I cannot get over what a perfect Meg-Chris hybrid this little cutie is. Best of both worlds I guess! ;)

pickles said...

A is for ANGEL!!! She is just the most precious little thing ever. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks sis!

Love you bunches:)