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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Penni Style vs Vail Style

I decided to take Penni to Vail on Friday while he is in town keeping me company while Meg and Sofia are in Michigan for spring break. We had a great time despite the lack of ideal snow conditions. The snow was icy in the morning and went right to slushy snow later in the day. Penni had his work cut out for him with the altitude change in Denver alone, not to mention the added increase with skiing at the top of Vail mountain. All that matters is that he looked good doing it. We called it a day after plenty of good runs and no success finding Preppy any ski bunnies.


Your Ole Man said...

You must take that top picture and have that framed for you and Penni! He has been the best friend you have had and you two look like you are having soooo much fun! Send one to me - I'll put that one in my office!!

Anonymous said...

This has made my day....

The hills are alive with the sound..........of your laughter.

Glad for your good time.


Anonymous said...

let's see...Vail vs. Grand early Spring give me Vail...once 4th of July rolls around give me Michigan.