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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Winter toys...

I won some tickets to a minor leauge hockey game and got another suprise in the mail...this extemely warm hat! I know its pretty awful looking, but I am going to keep it to embarass the hell out of Meg. Growning up, my dad had a purple hat with gray fur very similar to this one. Back then, we had a rabitt named Emily that my dad din't like so much. He joked that it was Emily's sister and that if Emily was bad, he would make another hat. Meg's good friend Kate Danielson got Sofia this hat, which of course is one of her favorites.

Work was good to me in '06 and I just got my year end bonus. Meghan talked me in to treating myself and getting some new skis. The pair I was on were the ones I got for Christmas back in about 1993. That made them 14 years old! The bindings were so dated, they were on a "try not to laugh at customers if they want to reuse them" list. Seriously, they wouldn't touch them due to liability issues. My boots were in such bad shape, the pads on the bottom that can be replaced, were discontinued 5 years ago. So these are the new skis, Rossignols Scatch BCs. They were demo skis and I got a really good deal on them.


Mom said...

Oh that hat! Just a chip of the ole block, aren't you Chris! Sofia just gets cuter and cuter. Can't wait for her visit at the end of the month. Glad your employer recognized you properly for all your hard work. Your original ski equipment has definitely seen better days.
Miss you guys!!!

Hugs, Mom

GPA said...

Great looking ski's! AND I LOVE THAT HAT - I'M JEALOUS!! Sofia is getting just too big - Ican't wait to see you guys!! Love ya lots!!

Anonymous said...


All I saw were 4 very blue eyes

yep, the kind one can only love!!

Happy skiing to you.


linds said...

discussing emily brings back the horrific memories of when she was given away and dad didn't let me get a proper goodbye out... oh the pain, oh the tears. save sofia from that experience. : p

Anonymous said...

Ok Chris, When I come to visit bury that hat deep in the closet. I'm not hanging out with you if youre gonna wear that. I'll come to Denver and hangout with myself! We need to get you on an episode of WHAT NOT TO WEAR!

Anonymous said...